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Just as important as IQ (Intelligence Quotient), Social and Emotional Intelligence measures the effects of your behaviour on others, the way in which you respond to challenging situations and the emotional climate of your workplace and how you manage your emotions in the moment.

You might ask yourself what situations create the greatest stress or tension for you and how do you best handle them?

Continued and unresolved stress and negative thoughts or emotions have a long term effect on your health, wellbeing and relationships – both at home and in the workplace.

This leaves you more likely to:

  • experience chronic diseases such as diabetes
  • have high blood pressure, heart attacks
  • regularly feel irritated, frustrated or angry

The cost of stress not only to you, but your employer, can be huge. Chronic headaches, back pain, anxiety attacks and feeling generally “out of balance” are more of the symptoms you are likely to be experiencing. Once you realize what emotions you’re experiencing and how they affect your performance at work or at home, you can develop effective strategies to become aware of and better manage your emotional responses. Expert coaching with a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach® you will gain valuable insights into yourself, others and situations that you find yourself in.

Here’s how the Social + Emotional Intelligence program works.

It’s a Four Step process.

  1. You will get 1:1 sessions with me – I’m a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach® – you can be assured these are confidential sessions even if they are conducted as part of a workplace program.
  2. Choose a coaching package, discuss your expectations & during this discussion we can learn a little more about each other and set up times to meet either in person, by phone or Skype.
  3. Next you take the online Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® which will identify your strengths over 26 different competencies as well as identifying areas that may need further development.
  4. Over the next few months, we work together on a personalized Action Plan based on the results of your profile. Because everyone is different, results vary between individuals. Your motivation to improve your Social +Emotional Intelligence and to complete the worksheets and to reflect and journal on your progress will enhance your experience.

What else can you expect from your Social + Emotional Intelligence ® program?

  • How to better manage the impact your behavior is having on people around you.
  • How to become aware of and listen to your own Emotional Intelligence skills.
  • How to communicate better, enhance your personal power.
  • To become more self-confident and assertive.
  • How to better manage frustration, stress and anxiety and more…….

VIP Personal Package

This is a one year package, similar to what I offer to Reiki Master students. The twelve months means that we can get some really good work done.  There are currently 2 vacancies available for this package.

The VIP Package gives you:
• A Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile
• Help in getting unstuck and moving in the right direction both personally and in business
• Help with accountability – especially good if you are a master of procrastination.
• Up to 28 sessions over the 12 months.
• Strategies to better manage your stress and work/life balance

Platinum 4 Months Package

If you know that you want to make some changes in your life and do things differently, this package gives us time to get to the root of the issue, whilst giving you the tools that you need to make those important, lasting changes.
The Platinum Package is designed for people that would like to:
• Explore your Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile and work on any areas of vulnerability
• Gain clarity about your current issues
• Remove the feeling of being “stuck”
• Better manage and reduce your stress

Gold 2 Months Package

This is for people that have one or two issues they would like to address arising from their Social + Emotional Intelligence profile. .

Kick Start your New Year

Take advantage of the holiday season and give yourself a gift! This Intensive Group coaching package over 2 weeks explores Social + Emotional Intelligence competencies and how they will improve your workplace and personal interactions.

Four quadrant model of SEI

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