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Past Life Hypnotherapy can uncover the cause of a niggling health problem, present a solution and provide a resolution to the issue. If you have ever had a feeling of deja vu… you have been here before…. or there might be no logical reason for you to have a pain or illness…… then a Past Life Exploration session may give you the answer.

Hypnotherapy at Balance4Life

Firstly, you need to be comfortable with someone you trust and know will listen – really listen – to your problem.

Meg is a Professional Clinical Member of the AACHP and Committee MemberSecondly and probably most importantly,  you need to know that they have been trained well and are committed to ongoing professional education and supervision by being a member of an Association recognized by the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia.

As a Professional Clinical Member of AACHP, you can be assured that I have had 400+ hours of training by a member organization of the HCA and adhere to the standards set by HCA.

And most importantly,
Are You Hypnotizable?

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