Achieving Your Goals

What sort of goal do you have in mind?

A great big one that seems a little audacious?

A smaller goal that will serve as a stepping stone to greater things not yet envisaged?

Achieving your goals, be they big, small or somewhere in between all have something in common. They are all about movement….action…… moving from one place (it may be from “Stuck”) to another place and if you are not sure about the way there it is easy to get lost or sidetracked.

How would you like to have a map of sorts? Sounds good to me!

Firstly, to achieve your goal you must be specific and the goal must resonate with you. For instance, I was given an example of how to be specific a few years back and it doesn’t really resonate with me.  I was told that “you don’t go into a bookshop and say you want to buy a book… you have to know the title.” Why didn’t that work for me? I love to go into bookshops and peruse the shelves. My goal is to find a book that will interest me. My bookshelves are already full of titles that have been suggested to me and remain for the most, largely unread… because they haven’t resonated with me.  The right book will literally jump off the shelf into my hands!

Back to being specific…. It’s about answering the following questions:

WHEN do you want to achieve your goal?  Set the date that you want to reach your goal.

WHAT exactly do you want? This one is really important especially for weight loss clients. How many kilograms?  What do you want to change? What do you need to add or subtract to your life to achieve this?

WHERE … state the location of your goal. If you are looking to change jobs or purchase a new house, where do you want to be located? If it’s about weight reduction … it is exercising at home or taking a gym membership?

HOW will you achieve your goal? What steps do you have put in place for you to make it happen?

WHO is on your team to help you achieve your goal?

and lastly WHY is this goal important to you? What are the benefits to YOU (no one else) by achieving this goal?

If this is a very large goal, break it down into smaller, more achievable steps and apply consistent action. What can you do daily, weekly, monthly to focus your attention on a productive outcome?

Review regularly and create a Plan B if you feel that any of your original steps are not working satisfactorily. With focus and a success mindset, you can expect to see positive outcomes as a result of your planning.