Social and Emotional Intelligence Workshops and Training

Social and Emotional Intelligence workshops are an ideal for both schools and workplaces  who want to develop an environment where individuals within the organization are socially and emotionally intelligent. The cornerstone of the program is the  Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® which is the most comprehensive and noteworthy SEI assessment instrument on the market, measuring 26 distinct social and emotional intelligence competencies. With this in mind, Balance4Life Programs has been delivering workshops based on these competencies to various organizations since 2014 and other bespoke workshops since 2011.

Social and Emotional Intelligence Workshops in Schools

There are several options available for both students and teachers.

Imagine a co-curricular program that empowers your students to develop their Emotional Intelligence and make their way out into the wider world with social and emotional intelligence skills that employers are now actively seeking.

Imagine too, a teaching cohort that understands their own Emotional Intelligence responses and therefore are better equipped to handle the stresses that invariably crop up during the year either with the workload or the challenges that some students offer.

Youth/Student Package:

  • Training modules for specific competencies such as Stress Management, Behavioural Self Control, Resilience, Inspirational Leadership and more.
  • A Personal Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® for members of the Student Leadership body with individual coaching sessions to develop specific competencies.

Adult/ Teacher Package:

  • Training modules for Professional Development including Stress Management, Situational Awareness, Conflict Management and more. These modules would be especially relevant for Professional Development days and range from a 90 minute presentation to 2 day intensives
  • Personal Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® for all staff members, including the Leadership Team, Teachers and Ancillary Staff with the option of individual & confidential coaching sessions to develop specific competencies.
Social and Emotional Intelligence Workshops for Business

Workplace Package:

  • Training Modules to create a workplace environment where there is greater awareness of Social and Emotional Intelligence because low emotional intelligence exhibited by employees will affect the business bottom line.
  • Optional Social and Emotional Intelligence coaching for staff members based on their personal profiles therefore fulfilling personal and professional development requirements.
  • Furthermore, the SEIP® is also available in a 360 version in which an individual’s supervisor, peers, direct reports and other can provide anonymous, confidential feedback to the individual in order to help them become more aware of how they are perceived by others and their impact on others.

Choose a Training Option and Modules to suit your needs:

  • 90 minute presentation – 1 Module
  • Half day workshop – 2 Modules
  • One day workshop – 4 Modules
  • 2 Day intensive – 8 Modules


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