Exhale worry, inhale calm
Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were as simple as that!
The Art of Stress Management
- and yes there is an art to it - is a program that engages the senses in a simple, yet very effective way.
Workplace stress is one of the biggest costs to businesses worldwide and everyone's wellbeing is important. Especially yours.
It's been a rough couple of years and everyone is adjusting to a new kind of normal,
so scroll below for  the first of 3 steps on how to manage your stress.
Get some AIR - Acknowledge, Innovate, Relax
3 Steps to managing stress

Acknowledge – these are difficult times

Innovate – look for creative, inspirational solutions 

Relax – develop a regular meditation or relaxation practice, renew your focus 

Stress can be caused by many things and too much stress can have an impact on your health.
A healthier life awaits once we work on identifying what is causing your stress or anxiety.
Using various art activities to engage your conscious mind, we can then start to create a more relaxed atmosphere for you to make the changes on a deeper level.

Meg Phillips - Stress Management Expert

I have been studying stress and it's long term effects on the body for many years.

In fact, it was the build up of stress and my lack of an effective strategy to deal with it that caused my own health crisis some 10 years ago. Implementing a stress management program has enabled me to get back to full health and I will share many of those effective tips and techniques with you.

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