Why Coaching will make you smarter..

Just as exercise makes you fitter, it also helps you learn. It’s not only the body that needs exercising, the mind needs to have a stretch every so often as well. Coaching will help you to reach your peak mental performance and regular sessions will help bring clarity to whatever you are seeking to change.

Imagine being able to wake up each day with more energy because you have reduced your stress. Feeling confident and secure in the knowledge that the tools you have used have transformed your life.

Who needs Coaching?

You can get a coach for almost anything. A coach to enhance your sporting prowess, for business, health or even to improve your Emotional Intelligence or just to get some clarity and balance back in your life. Meg is an insightful and intuitive coach who has coached clients with post cardiac anxiety, immune disorders and weight issues. Regular coaching sessions encourage you to make positive changes in mindset and lifestyle. Coaching also makes you accountable for your actions (or lack of) and builds your belief in your ability to get things done.

What is Emotional Intelligence Coaching?

Emotional Intelligence is just one of many intelligences we have – you might be familiar with the most noteworthy work of Howard Gardner at Harvard University who pioneered studies into eight intelligences that people have.

The coaching conversation in an Emotional Intelligence Coaching session is about being more aware of ourselves and most importantly, others…… the moment…….. While many people are starting to more widely understand the importance of this intelligence, you may still be unsure of exactly what it is and how it can add to your success on your job and in your personal life.

The good news about Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Social +Emotional Intelligence can be learned and strengthened throughout our lives, furthermore, it’s never too late to learn these essential skills. As a Social and Emotional Intelligence coach, I can help you to acquire these skills with an affordable coaching package that includes a comprehensive profile.

Unfortunately, Emotional Intelligence is often sorely lacking – think of the colleague who explodes when a deadline is missed, the co-worker whom no one trusts, or those prickly people we tiptoe around. These people are not only limited by their absence of Social +Emotional Intelligence skills but their behaviour almost always impacts on everyone around them.

Polarity Coaching

Just as a battery has a positive and negative polarity, we do too. Our innermost thoughts and desires as well as what we present to the world are a form of polarity. If you are curious about discovering more about your inner self, then this transformational style of coaching will appeal to you. It is a fusion of NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and other somatic therapies designed to bring about change on a deeper or soul level.  The coaching conversation is about re-balancing your beliefs (spiritual or otherwise), re-evaluating your values and removing subconscious or energetic blocks so you can achieve your goals and life purpose.

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