Orbs  or flashes of light in photos can be interpreted in many ways. I find it fascinating and it intrigues me when I discover that I’ve taken a photo that appears to have an orb in a photo.  I often get a glimpse of something just out of range of normal vision and when I turn my head there is nothing there.

Some believe that this can indicate a spiritual presence, a manifestation of energies and symbolic. The presence of orbs can be symbolic of Spirit Guides or Angels or even deceased family members or loved ones. Another explanation is that they are flashes of condensed energy appearing in locations where there is heightened spiritual energy.

Scientific Explanations

While many people attribute metaphysical meanings to orbs, it’s also important to consider scientific explanations:

  • Dust Particles: Orbs can often be caused by dust particles, moisture, or insects reflecting the camera’s flash.
  • Lens Flares: Reflections or lens flares can create orb-like effects in photographs.

Either way, the interpretation is deeply personal.

Colours and Meanings:

Different colours of orbs are often associated with different metaphysical meanings. For example:

  • White or Clear Orbs: Often seen as positive, representing purity, truth, and spirituality.
  • Blue Orbs: Associated with calmness, peace, and spiritual guidance.
  • Green Orbs: Linked to healing, love, and connection with nature.
  • Red Orbs: Might indicate strong emotions, such as anger, passion, or warnings.

I’ve seen orbs when using old fashioned film and SLR cameras, but more frequently with digital cameras and phone cameras.  They seem to pop up in the most unusual places.

This photo was taken at the June Full Moon (just a day after the Winter Solstice) and I was taken by the shimmering on the leaves as well.

I had spent the day in working on creating a spiritual workshop and meditating on the various activities. It was quite late at night and the temperature was dropping rapidly towards -1’C.

No doubt the halo around the moon was due to the atmospheric conditions and a forecast of the coming frost or it could simply mean that my iPhone camera doesn’t take good moonlight photos!

This next photo was taken in Hobart about 14 years ago after having spent some time with my Reiki Teacher. We had spent the day having lunch and deep discussions about Reiki energy. I felt that the energy around the sailing ship had something to do with this orb. On the other side of the harbour was the Greenpeace ship, the Sea Shepherd and no orbs.  Such a contrast in styles of both ships and their energies.

My interpretation is that orbs are spiritual manifestations as they only seem to appear on my camera after I have meditated or am grounded and aware of my surroundings.