Art Therapy

art of stress managementThere are times when words cannot convey our deeper emotions and feelings and this is where an Art Therapy session or workshop can let us safely explore and develop a deeper understanding of our own psyche.

Art allows us to appreciate what the artist has portrayed, yet we may have a very different interpretation or emotional response than that of the artist. Our perception is layered with societal, cultural and familial overlays and by exploring our responses to an artwork or an Art Therapy exercise, we can begin to understand our subconscious reactions to past events.

Self care MandalaCreating our own art, through Art Therapy exercises can lead to a discovery of our inner self. We can attach deeper meanings to symbols or objects within the artwork that reflects what often cannot be expressed verbally.

The finished product can then bring forward what was hidden within and if there is a deep psyche wound – brought forth for healing by its very expression. Art Therapy is an ideal way to manage stress and one doesn’t need to be an accomplished artist to create meaningful images.

We can say then that art is the lens through which we focus our perception. Often representing familiar objects, art becomes a reference to what we enjoy and appreciate. For those art installations that are unfamiliar and represent experiences outside our usual encounters, there may well be some challenges in coming to understand and to appreciate what the artist intended to convey. Looking at some of the old masters or art work throughout the centuries, helps us to appreciate, not only life at that time – which conveys a snapshot of how times and styles of art have evolved as well as providing us with a subconscious stimulus to our own past experiences.

I am fortunate to have a background both in teaching and in psychotherapy, with both professions expecting excellent communications skills and a strong sense of integrity. As a teacher I developed a keen sense of what areas that students were struggling in – not just in the subject area, but their emotional landscape.

As a psychotherapist, I have, over the years developed a style of questioning for clients that draws their answers out in a gentle and caring way. I guess this is empathy. Other traits that I have are a keen interest in lifelong learning and an understanding that we sometimes put the things that we love “on hold”, so that we can care for others. My homeopathic training taught me to be analytical – to look for all the pieces in the puzzle that makes up the emotional background that the client presents with.

With this background, I am pleased to offer The Art of Stress Management sessions and workshops for 2021 to help you navigate the turbulent times that 2020 brought up for us.


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