Art Therapy

art of stress managementThere are times when words cannot convey our deeper emotions and feelings and this is where an Art Therapy session or workshop can let us safely explore and develop a deeper understanding of our own psyche.

Art allows us to appreciate what the artist has portrayed, yet we may have a very different interpretation or emotional response than that of the artist. Our perception is layered with societal, cultural and familial overlays.  By exploring our responses to an artwork or an Art Therapy exercise, we can begin to understand our subconscious reactions to past events and shift our consciousness.

emotions and artCreating our own art, through Art Therapy exercises can lead to a discovery of our inner self. We can attach deeper meanings to symbols or objects within the artwork that reflects what often cannot be expressed verbally. You can access these unconscious stimuli through the creation of images and subsequent analysis and interpretation

Art shows what is hidden within and shows what needs to be recognised.  Art Therapy is an ideal way to manage stress and one doesn’t need to be an accomplished artist to create meaningful images.

It can be said that art is the lens through which we focus our perception.

There are four basic steps in this program that you can take to improve your emotional health at the start of this therapeutic journey. Take these steps and you can then start to measure your own emotional health journey.

  1.  Reduce emotional overload by having a trusted person or counselor to debrief to
  2.  Start to be more conscious of what triggers unhelpful emotions
  3.  Record or journal emotional responses to triggers and
  4.  Create a space for authentic self reflection

Art TherapyAs emotions arise from our thoughts, then it is more than likely that they are influenced by events, people, places and circumstances that we have experienced from the time we are born until the time that we die. By helping you to examine your thoughts, emotions and beliefs around the feelings you can gain a better understanding of the emotions you experience.

Art therapy allows you to access these unconscious stimuli through the creation of images and subsequent analysis and interpretation.

Consequently,  I am pleased to offer The Art of Stress Management workshops to help you navigate turbulent times. These are available for workplace wellness programs and for small groups. Private sessions are also available.