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There are times when you just want to be nurtured. Less talk and most importantly,  more relaxation.  A Reiki session can give you that and more. Furthermore, you may be pleasantly surprised by the subtle changes that can occur in a Reiki session. For a truly transformational session, ask about including Hypnotherapy to enhance your experience.

You may decide to undertake training in Reiki and my specialty is 1:1 training. This can be taken to all levels and is  scheduled “on demand” – meaning that when you are ready for the training, it can be scheduled, keeping weekends free if that is what you desire.  Level 1 training includes Animal Reiki at no extra cost.

Reiki sessions

An hour of “me time”.  Initially your mind may be racing with thoughts, but as the session progresses and you settle into it and you allow the energy to flow to where it needs to go, you will find that your mind quietens. You may experience heat or tingling during the session and sometimes long forgotten emotions may resurface.


And that’s OK.  The effects of a Reiki session will stay for some time and it is important to allow yourself time to integrate the energy over the next day or so. You may have some “A Ha” moments during the day or vivid dreams that night as the energy flows to where it is most needed. Time on the Reiki table is wonderfully relaxing and a short “de brief” is held at the end of the session to discuss any sensations felt by both you and Meg. Remote sessions can also be held if you are unable to attend in person.

Reiki Training

Reiki at Balance4LifeIf you feel drawn to taking Reiki, but don’t feel that you want to commit to an organized class, then you have come to the right place as I specialize in one to one training. 

Why one to one? I have observed over the years that many people have put off learning about Reiki because workshops are scheduled at a time that they can’t commit to 2 or more days at a time. One to one training means that we co-ordinate a time for you and as it just you (you can include another person), the training time is reduced.

You are the focus of the training and it is my intention that you get undivided attention and as much information and practice as is possible. Use the Contact form below or the link to schedule your FREE 30 minute Discovery Session to chat about your training requirements.

In addition to one to one training, there are small group trainings scheduled and the dates for these can be found in the quarterly newsletter along with other subscriber bonuses. You can read a student’s testimonial:  Why_I_Learn_Reiki HERE

How I discovered Reiki

The first experience I had was whilst teaching Japanese at a Secondary College. The Japanese characters for ReikiA colleague saw that I was stressed and put her hands on my shoulders. A peaceful warmth, then my brain felt like it had turned to lemonade bubbles!!! I knew then that this was something I needed to learn more about. So it came about that in 1991 I took Level I and Level II with Ann Adcock, who had assisted Beth Grey when she brought Reiki to Australia. I used it to reduce my stress and on the family as well as at school to create a calmer classroom. It wasn’t until 2000 that I began my Master Teacher training and since then I have trained students to all levels and continue to give Reiki sessions to clients both in person and with distance sessions.

For more information about the REIKI LINEAGE click here.

The Reiki Principles are as follows:

Today only
Do not anger
Do not worry
With thankfulness
Work diligently
​Be kind to others

The romanized Japanese is:

Kyo dakewa
Shinpai suna
Kansha shite
Gyo o hageme
Hito ni shinsetsu ni

and the written Japanese is:


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