Past Life Exploration

Past Life Exploration What is a Past Life Exploration?

Past Life Exploration or Regression therapy is a hypnotic technique that allows you to retrieve memories of an earlier time. By doing this you can resolve unconscious issues that could be negatively affecting your life at present. You may have a sense of deja vu or an inexplicable connection with places or people or a deep interest in a particular era of history.

The Past Life sessions are longer than clinical sessions and take around 2 and a half hours, with a deeper level of trance experienced than in a Clinical Hypnotherapy session.

Is the Past life real or imagined?

Is it a thought or a memory? A thought or a making up of an image is usually devoid of any feelings and feels quite different to a true memory which will bring with it an emotional charge. Trust the images, feelings, impressions and memories as they come back. If you stop to analyze the images or memories, your conscious mind will rise back to the surface.

There may be some residual effects of a past event that is causing physical or emotional distress to you now. Age Regression techniques are used to uncover the cause of these issues and a safe environment is created for you to explore and work toward resolving the issue.

Memories may be vivid and highly visual, but the other senses are also involved. You may experience a heightened sense of smell, taste or other more physical memories. You may just simply know what is happening and can describe it in great detail. It can be quite difficult to speak at a normal pace when in a deep hypnotic state, and some people have been known to speak in other languages that they are unfamiliar with. If you are still unconvinced, ask me to share my story.