Watching Clouds disappear

Watching clouds disappear over the weekend was a calming and beautiful experience. One moment a cloud was there, changing shape from what almost looked like a question mark to faint wisps which quickly disappeared.

If you are a seasoned cloud watcher you would already be aware that they are constantly changing shape and moving through the sky due to the dynamics of the atmosphere

The “question mark” cloud led to thoughts on how clouds either change shape or disappear.

Evaporation: Clouds are formed when water vapour in the atmosphere condenses into tiny water droplets or ice crystals around dust particles. As the air temperature and humidity change, these droplets or crystals may start to evaporate back into water vapour.

Changing Shape: Clouds can change shape rapidly. One moment you might see dragons in the sky that change into soft pillows of serenity. The next moment could see the cloud slowly thinning out or breaking apart into smaller wisps as the water droplets or ice crystals within it evaporate.

Movement: Clouds are not stationary; they are carried by the wind. So, as you watch a cloud disappear, it may also be drifting across the sky. This is also a very useful metaphor for thoughts that intrude during meditation sessions. Just allow those thoughts to drift away to the horizon…

Colours: The colours of the cloud as it disappears can be quite fascinating. During sunrise or sunset, clouds may take on vibrant hues as the sunlight scatters and refracts through them. I’m always on the lookout for a spectacular sunset and never tire of seeing them.

Overall, I have found that watching clouds disappear or change shape can be a meditative and reflective activity. It allows me to appreciate the ever-changing nature of the sky and the environment.  It also provides a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.

So, find a comfortable spot, look up at the sky, and enjoy the beauty of clouds as they transform and disappear before your eyes.