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The House we live in

From Dr Stone’s Health Building book:
“Our body is like the house we live in; when the electric currents are on, then light and heat are available. when the water pipes are in good shape and water is pumped through them by pressure, then all the fluid requirements are solved. When the gas is turned on, then cooking and gas heating are possible. And when the drainage is not obstructed, then the sewers do not back up and no regurgitation of drainage is pocketed in any part of the basement.”

Structural Balance

According to Dr Stone, in his preface to Book 1 Energy, the Vital Polarity in the Healing Art, “when the body is in good health there is a natural balance and relationship between the breath of life and its conveyor, the blood stream as a fluid, and its rhythmic beat through the cetnral pump called the heart.”
He then describes three energies that flow in all animal and vegetable life – these being:

  1. The Fire energy of the sun is the warmth and expanding principle of motion in all living things.
  2. The Air energy as the breath of life. Without air, fire is sluggish in combustion and complete oxidation impossible. When there is insufficient life breath in the body, the result is unresolved residues, which are deposited in the body tissues.
  3. The Water energy – the fluid nature of the blood stream. The fluids carrying the body chemistry and conveying vital energies and emotional impulses.

Dr Stone then briefly describes the “Prana” or vital force, which flows through five areas of the body, the head, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis.

The object of treating is the removal of Energy Blocks which are the cause of real pain in the vital energy fields of the body.