30 Days of Gratitude

It doesn’t seem like many days at first, but thinking about what to put for each day would have been a challenge had in not been for a picture that popped up on a social media site at just the right time.

I transcribed each day into my diary and then made a booklet to print off later that has space to diarize each day of gratitude. I had thought to post the next cycle on this blog, but then realized that there are days where I have little or no internet – especially when up at the retreat – so that idea won’t work.

A good friend said “Why stop at 30 days? Shouldn’t we all be grateful for something every day?” and I agree with her. However using the 30 Day Gratitude Journal creates a habit and even though it has been a couple of days since the 30 days finished, I’m finding that I still write down what I’m grateful for in my daily journal.

I will be offering the PDF Gratitude Journal to subscribers in the Autumn newsletter as a bonus for reading the newsletter.