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New Moon

I was curious about what time the New Moon energy was coming in, so on the trip up to the retreat, I checked the Moon Phase app on my phone (& no, I wasn’t driving at the time). It was the 15th at 11.19am….. I checked the clock and it was 11.19am….. an auspicious start to the weekend with such a synchronicity!

Arriving at the retreat it was apparent that not much rain had fallen over the last 2 weeks, so the small tanks had not yet refilled. In the quest to fill the main concrete tank since the repair, which seems to have held up, we empty the smaller tanks into it on a regular basis in the hope that we won’t have to buy water over next summer. Every little bit helps.

With no major projects scheduled for this visit, I found a spot out of the breeze and sat down to write my new moon manifestation journal. As I meditated, I became more aware of the birdlife and occasionally could hear a ruffle of tiny feathers and catch a glimpse of the robin family as they went about their daily activities. Having completed my page, I made my way to the labyrinth, where it was pleasing to see no more digging by the local rabbit and the rose bush was relatively OK. A little frost burn on the top shoot, but some fat and healthy buds lower down. Hard to say what the Oak tree is doing  as all the others are looking very dormant too.

Labyrinth wattleThe two wattle trees in the labyrinth are just about to burst into bloom and one has some interesting galls on it. Love the pattern of the budded flower, reminding me of the Fibonacci numbers!

The yellow wattles surrounding the labyrinth had a quiet hum as the bees made the best of the pollen. This walk was slower than usual, focusing on each ring and visualizing the chakra colours as I progressed. Every so often, time to pause and move a stone on the path into the channel or small ditch that defines the outline.

Reaching the centre, I re-read the journal entry, slowly tore it into strips and then lit it, allowing the paper ash to be caught in the gentle breeze, carrying my words and pictures away. As I watched, I made the conscious intention to let go and let the universe take care of my requests.

Meditating in the centre, I was startled by the bang of a shed door on the neighbouring property. What seemed like an instant later, a large kangaroo burst out of the surrounding wattles into the space in front of the labyrinth, followed by a couple of smaller roos and 2 joeys. They paused…. I paused…. The larger kangaroos hopped off, leaving the little ones no further than 3 metres away and we looked at each other for a few more seconds…. an amazing moment ….then they were gone.

Next morning I went for a walk in the “Wild area” and found a spot which I think might be suitable for a “secret” labyrinth. It’s close to a rocky outcrop, so not far to move some stones to outline it. Perhaps a small 3 ring Cretan style labyrinth…… I’ve already got sites in mind for  a big 30m Chartres style and a Celtic style triskele walk.

I’ll keep you posted…….

Creating Dreams

Imagine something…..right now….. that you can create anything you want. You can realize that dream and have ALL the happiness, success right now to live your destiny and the life that you desire…..
What’s holding you back?

  • fear
  • worry
  • stress
  • anxiety?

If you are after an extraordinary life and create the life you desire and deserve, you need to remove any negative thoughts and attitudes from your life and change your thoughts and mindset so that you awaken and unleash your inner, hidden power.
 Start to think about 

  • energy
  • possibility
  • the power of your mind 

Show gratitude for what you have and begin to be of service to others. It has been said that “to serve is to rule” and if you can be of service to someone, then the rewards are bountiful.
There are two keys to creating abundance

  1. The mind
  2. Your focus            

Abundance is not only about money, it is about being healthy, vibrant and an expectation of success. Money can help pave the way to success, there is no doubt about that, but when there is fear about money, this muddies the path and you can get stuck in the mud or ego, making poor decisions about your future.
Do you want to live an Extraordinary Life?
When you go to bed tonight, just after you have laid your head on the pillow – visualize tomorrow as your perfect day.
Sense the day’s events.
How do you feel?
Make it fantastic – start with a day, then a week, then a month.
Feel the emotional strength that comes with limitless possibility….. see, feel and hear YOUR thriving life.