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What was once “Alternative” is now Mainstream

homeopathy (7)I studied Classical Homeopathy for four years after having been a patient for many more. I found the remedies especially useful as a parent of young children as they seemed to resolve all those childhood illnesses quite quickly.  Gradually I acquired a small pharmacy of remedies and the Homeopath I went to offered a short course in how to choose the correct remedy and to use the remedies safely.

One of the most useful remedies is Arnica – a plant remedy made from Leopard’s Bane and used for injury or trauma. It’s now readily available in pharmacies and health food stores and most commonly used as a cream for bruises and aches and pains. It will “bring out” a bruise and help it to resolve quickly. The pillule form, which is generally only available from a homeopath or naturopath, will be in different strengths or potencies according to the situation. It can also be used for grief, sleeplessness, trauma and even jet lag.

I love delving back into my books and reading about remedies and whilst I was classically educated, I do use combination remedies (called complexes) for some clients if I think they will be of use.

You might be wondering what the difference between classical or combination remedies is.  A remedy prescribed in the classical way will generally be a single remedy. Each remedy has a duration of it’s effectiveness and this will also depend on whether the condition is acute or chronic as to whether the remedy is repeated.  A combination remedy will be two or more remedies that have a similar action. The danger with some combination remedies are that the manufacturers will put together a lot of remedies that work for similar diseases or ailments and they may not realize that some of the remedies will antidote or cancel each other out.