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Changing times

In these changing times we may be experiencing a multitude of emotions. Some will be quite unfamiliar to us as we adjust to a new way of doing things. Grief is a common emotion that is being experienced.  There may be many circumstances surrounding bereavement such as loss of income or loss of support or friendships.  If it is a sudden event, shock may be experienced. All of these factors demonstrate a need for the bereaved to be supported as they work through their feelings. The process of grief cannot be hurried. Everyone has their own time frame as to when they will have moved through the various stages of grief.

Maslow's HierarchyIn addition, there may be unresolved issues that the grieving person has to work through during this process.

When their needs have not been met (as per Maslow’s Hierarchy) then the time taken to process the grief will take longer.

At the base of the pyramid is the first of five needs that humans seek.

However the needs must be satisfied from the base up and cannot stand in isolation.

The first need that we must have fulfilled is the physiological need for food, water, warmth, rest and shelter met before the other four needs can be satisfied.

The second need is to feel safe and secure and that can include both physical safety and the security of being able to earn an income. Once these needs are met, then we can begin to experience a sense of connection that the third need will give us when we form friendships and relationships. It is sad that these changing times have created a world where opinions have been polarized and friendships fractured.

The fourth need is where we feel good about our achievements, accomplishments or status and the final fifth need of self actualization, is where we can fully express ourselves, often creatively when we have achieved our full potential.