Monthly Archives: November 2009

getting busier

Getting busy with referrals for Hypnotherapy. In the past couple of weeks, I have worked on a variety of issues with clients, from insomnia, study related issues and a couple of past life regressions. I now have a room away from home on a Monday afternoon at an Osteopathic clinic.
In between, there has been a family wedding in Brisbane which was a lot of fun. Great weather and went for some walks along the riverside each day.
The one day a week at the primary school is working out well, and the students have really responded to working with Multiple Intelligences in Japanese. Lots of cross curricular activities with a focus on Japan, both the language and culture. At the moment there are the reports to write, but so much simpler than in past years and I have nearly finished them before the December 4 deadline.


The website is still under construction and although I fell in love with the graphic from the previous post, today the decision was made to move right away from that and to simplify the site- hopefully using a photo from one of my outback trips for the header.

I spent the weekend taking photos of flowers to include in our own version of the graphic and will now use them in a series of cards and calendars for next year.