Location is no longer an issue as consultations can be held online, by phone or if you are located in SE Melbourne – in person.  (subject to Government Health Regulations) 

For small groups a convenient location that is COVID compliant will be booked.

Workshops can be delivered at your business location and are priced accordingly.

By appointment only
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Information and advice given on this website is general in nature and results may vary from person to person and as such are not guaranteed.

We also rely on you to give us accurate information regarding your health and/or any medications/substances that you may be taking.

Some therapies offered at Balance4Life or by Meg Phillips are not suited to various medical conditions or whilst taking medication. In this case, a letter of approval is required from your medical practitioner should this refer to you before commencement of any therapeutic program offered at Balance4Life Programs. Parental approval is required for any person under the age of 18.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations: 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule personal sessions and 10 working days for a Workshop.

If you arrive late for a session it will run to the time you booked it for as there may be other clients waiting. A rescheduling fee may be applicable if you frequently change times.

Deposits for Workshops are not refunded if cancelling within 10 days of the workshop commencing as material may have been printed or ordered for you.

Prepayment is required 10 days in advance for all Social and Emotional Intelligence profiles. These are time sensitive and ordered from the United States of America. You must complete them before the due date as they expire and no refund is able to be given.

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