Change of plans today

I was really looking forward to today, as I had a client for a Past Life Regression session who has been referred by a colleague.
I woke up with a shocking head cold, which explains why I was feeling so ‘fuzzy-headed’ yesterday, and re-scheduled. I know I wouldn’t want to have my session done by someone sniffing and breathing germs near me!
Starting to wonder if it might have been something to do with the homeopathic I had the other day….. lucky I got another bottle of PCIP as it’s been fantastic at stopping the running nose.
My neice has just returned from South Africa and we will be able to hear all her news at her younger sister’s 18th birthday next week.
Hope my nephew in Coffs Harbour will be OK as there is a current tsunami warning for the NSW coast due a huge 8.8 earthquake in Chile. Thoughts & prayers go out to all those involved.