Dear me…..

Preparing for the forthcoming Southern Hemisphere Spring Equinox, I did a meditation in which I asked to see my animal guides.
I was surprised to see a young female deer, she was wild, but physically similar to the deer I encountered on Miyajima and Nara.

 Questions came up, such as “Am I standing in fear?”

The rational mind immediately thought of the saying “like a startled deer in the headlights”.

But the sensation within my body was not of fear, it was of calm and peacefulness.
Other questions that came up were:
“Where am I?”
“How is the deer related to me?”

We walked through the meditation together and the next image that came to mind was that of a circular clearing in a woods, surrounded by white trunked trees, just starting to sprout their soft green leaves. We rested together for a while and left this place separately and in our own time.

Coming back to the office, I took a while to review the meditation in light of my recent journeyings into the world of spirit awareness and the questions that came up.

Consulting Dr Google, I found that the meaning of the deer was quite different to what was expected and very interesting. Reflecting on the questions that came up, helped to clarify thoughts about my business direction and motivation.
More questions arose.
Am I coming to terms with the intuition that is becoming stronger?
Am I ready to leave behind what no longer serves?

All these are to be pondered over the next few days as we are in the energy of Ostara .
Not only does this equinox energy start from when it is marked on the calendar (September 21st) but the actual crossing of the sun over the Equator happens on September 23rd at 0.49am EST. Interestly, September 20th marks the last 100 days to the end of the year as well!
Another challenge!