Gardening for the Soul

change from a bud to blossom

Well, I’m thinking that time has come….

This site will undergo a relaunch in the next few weeks (Spring/AutumnĀ  – it doesn’t really matter where you are) … if the branch isn’t growing, then it’s time to prune it, to allow for new growth and the flowers to bloom….

For too long I have defined myself by the studies I’ve done, partly as a need for recognition.

I’m ditching the courses – they will go online for people to download if they are interested – just a matter of finding the right platform to deliver them automatically ( & at a reasonable price).

Most of my clients are seeking solutions to their stress and with that in mind, I have been taking some training lately that I feel will be most beneficial to both clients and their workplaces.

In between, there is still the development of the retreat – especially the labyrinth and sowing the seeds of various herbs to plant out when they reach a more robust stage – very much how the business is growing! It doesn’t work to plant a seed and continue to watch and wait for it to emerge for more than one season – you replant with a hardier variety!!

So watch this space….