Nearly November

Lots been happening in the background since the last posting.
Since graduation from the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I have been fortunate to have an increase in clients. Slow but steady……
Other projects have been constructing the IACT Australia info and forum site which was fun to do. Eventually there will be more Australian members, so it should start to run itself.
Another project is my own website, which is currently under construction. When it is finished I will link to it.
There was a successful evening at Curves in Wheelers Hill for a fundraising evening in support of breast cancer. I offered 10 minute Reiki sessions and was booked out for the night.
More study was undertaken and I attended a residential weekend training on Past Life Regression held by Pete Smith and Rick Morse from the ATP. We were treated to a fabulous weekend of hands on learning and therapy and a special preview of the movie “Belladonna” all about past lives/loves. We got to meet the director, writer and her husband the cinematographer the next evening.
So now I have added Past Life Regression to my bag of tools. I have done one on a friend and to get the international certification will have to do five case studies. That should be interesting as well..
Monday afternoons will see me in a room away from home. I do love the home clinic room, but the dog is problematic as he will often whine on the other side of the closed door. I’m also conscious of the fact that not all people like animals and he enthusiastically greets everyone at the front door! So it’s off to a room at an osteopathic clinic and will see how that goes. Now I really have to get serious to pay the rent!!
Wednesdays I am teaching in a play based program for P,1 & 2 and a strong MI influenced LOTE program (which I have written) at Croydon West Primary School. Lovely students and they will try anything – one Year 1 boy successfully constructed an origami tetrahedron by copying what I was doing.
Today I was off to the bank to finally open a business account. The bank insists that I needed a business name even though the government business site shows that as a sole trader I don’t. So today my business name was born…..BrightLight Specialized Education