One month to go

One month of winter to go….. already I am so over the cold weather and grateful that we spent a month travelling north where the temperatures were in the high 20C to 30C.
I need the sunshine and warmth to function. Probably comes from having born in the tropics.
Already the spring bulbs have started to flower and the plum tree has buds ready to blossom, so there is the promise of warmer weather in the offing.
I don’t mind the rain at all and it is comforting to listen to it on the roof as I am drifting off to sleep, and am glad to be inside a house and not a camper trailer with the strong gusts of wind.
A busy month ahead, with new work committments shaping up already. This is an exciting phase to be in and I look forward to the days in my new clinic rooms.
Wednesday sees Phase 2 of the wardrobe makeover and this means shopping.  This will be interesting.
Phase 1 of the wardrobe makeover saw Margaret, the style consultant, run a practised eye over what I did have in the wardrobe with the result that I took 10 bags of clothes to the Salvos. Bit of a bowerbird and I realized that I have been hanging onto “stuff” that was well past the fashion use by date. My daughter pointed out that a couple of the outfits were bought back in 1991, so I have had good value from them. I even parted with a high end label suit that I bought from the op-shop when I first started teaching! A big stack of clothes that remained unworn since walking away from an unpleasant workplace have gone, so now there is a space that needs to be filled in the wardrobe with something bright and shiny and new. (Well, perhaps not shiny clothes, but you know what I mean!)
Who said change was difficult? or painful? This is liberating!