Phase 2 – a work in progress

Today was D-day. Decision day. Actually I didn’t make the initial decisions, I handed that over to Margaret and just went with the flow.
New territory to explore, starting by going to Doncaster Shopping town. Never having been there before (been past, but never inside) even finding the designated meeting spot was going to be a challenge. With an eye on the clock, as I had run a little late with a Reiki client earlier this morning, I managed to find my way into the car park and arrived 5 minutes late. Whoops!
First stop DJ’s. Really the only stop apart from a foray into Myer. What a difference in shops. DJ’s fitting rooms quite spartan & service was great, compared to lavish fitting rooms (but incredibly messy and dirty) & non-existent service at Myer.
Margaret had spent some time earlier in the week checking things out and selected a number of garments for me to try. Looking at them on the hangars, I did wonder……. but was happy to try them on and was pleasantly surprised at the results. A couple were not quite right and put aside.
Last week we discussed my budget and Margaret selected accordingly. Bonus was that I had put my glasses aside whilst trying on the clothes, so couldn’t see the prices anyway! I made the decision not to look until finished, as well as not looking at sizes.
Margaret showed me which pieces would go together and eventually we had a small pile of clothes to take to the checkout. In different combinations, probably about 8 or 9 outfits.
A couple of plain camisoles from Myer added to the collection and that took longer to find and pay for them than trying on all the clothes in DJ’s!
To complete the outfits, a couple of bling necklaces and then sat down and with a cuppa to recap the day.
Never thought that I would enjoy clothes shopping, but I did!