Polarity for back pain

Lower back pain can be debilitating and is associated with stress, posture and emotion. The abdominal muscles contract and in turn pull on the muscles of the spine, causing the back pain.
There are a number of self help Polarity treatments that are available, but if you have severe or chronic back pain, please seek help from your primary medical practitioner.
The feet have a relationship with the spine, with the curvature of the spine mirrored along the inside edge of the foot. If you can reach your foot, then massaging ‘sore spots’ on your feet can help to release the reflex points in your back.

  • Work inward from the big toe (with your right hand) and the heel (with your left hand), pressing firmly.
  • Hold on any tender spots until you feel a release and move on.
  • Continue until all areas have been covered.
  • You can use a lightly fragranced foot cream to moisturize your foot, but this sequence can be done even with socks on.

Back of heel – sacrum
Heel – Lumbar
Instep – Thoracic
Toe – Cervical