Another interesting conversation today with my favourite optometrist, Michael Christian. A bit of an anarchist in the optometry world, he specializes in vision restoration.
Yes, you read right….. if you can commit to wearing the lenses that he prescribes and regular 6 monthly visits, vision improves. Different people progress at different rates. It seems to work on the principle that when you are ready for change, really ready, then change will happen. Similar to giving up smoking with hypnosis – won’t work unless you are 100% committed!
It’s not just about vision – the simplest explanation he gives is that the prisms in the lenses allow light to enter the eye and reflect differently. It’s about seeing things differently. Everything changes – including some big emotional shifts – as you see things differently
He allows a half hour for the consultation and all sorts of things happen. Different lenses, different pictures to look at, shock and horror when you see yourself in the mirror with a funny headset and lenses, moving this arm here and that leg this way until all the intellectualization has flown out of the window and you just know that it feels and looks different.
Discussion flows about quantum physics (yes, I’m a fan of Bruce Lipton too) and our mutual dislike of fluorescent lighting, in particular the impact of it on children’s learning. The mercury is a powerful neurotoxin, they also emit more UV than incandescent globes which can affect some light sensitive people and protocols should be followed if one of these lamps breaks.