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Homeopathic prescribing

If you are working as a therapist you may be tempted to use some of the homeopathic remedies readily available in the health food stores.

I would strongly suggest that you undertake some basic training  in Homeopathy before dispensing remedies to your clients. You  need to become what Homeopathy has described as the unprejudiced observer and understand what the remedies will do and the possible aggravations that can occur. Although the remedies can be classed as a natural medicine, you must bear in mind that what can heal can also harm if given in the wrong dose and at the wrong time.

There are lots of labels in our busy world, some are disease labels – others are behaviour labels. What we must do is to observe each person as a whole. Each person has separate needs and experiences. So what is trauma or difficulty for one person may have little long-term impact on another.

There may be times that you as the therapist or practitioner requires a remedy. It must be stated that it is extraordinarily difficult to treat oneself, family or close friends. Seek professional advice. You are of no use if you give yourself a remedy that causes an aggravation of symptoms.

Homeopathy seeks to strengthen the body at the cellular level, so that we have a greater freedom to avoid the patterns of our ancestors. Some of the issues that can be helped by homeopathy are:

–          Grief

–          Abuse

–          Post traumatic stress disorders

As each person’s needs are quite different, so a different remedy will be needed even if there are the same or similar conditions prevailing. Seek out an experienced homeopath to whom you can go to for treatment and until you are qualified, send your clients to.

The major Contra-indications to giving a remedy are

–          When the client is already under constitutional Homeopathic treatment. Taking another remedy may interfere with the action of the remedy given by the Client’s primary care provider.

–          When the client is known to have great sensitivity to mainstream medications or allergens. (Seek professional advice before giving a remedy – you may prefer to use a flower essence or Rescue Remedy)

–          When consent has not been given.