The Water Element

More than 75% of Queensland is now flood affected as well as parts of NSW and Western Australia.
Nothing can prepare you for the images of great expanses of water or the graphic videos of cars being tossed about on the torrents.
There are many communities isolated and in the city where so many were isolated before, there is a sense of community as strangers help one another to safety.
The power of the water is not to be underestimated either. What looks tranquil and is life giving at one moment can also be deadly and can sweep away all in its path, the next.
Water is the source of life and in Polarity Therapy is the element most associated with emotion. When in balance, the Water element allows us to relax and let go, so often demonstrated by the falling of tears. We may use the term “go with the flow” and relax into our emotions. However, when there is a lack of balance we may be challenged by our attachment to worldly things.

The Five Elements need to be in balance for us to function well, physically and emotionally. An over abundance of Water affects the Earth element and our thinking may become “stuck in the mud”, but conversely too much Water and we become “flooded with feelings and emotions”.  Water always flows  to the lowest point.  Too much of anything is not good for you – too much Ether and we become “spaced out”, too much Air and you may find you just cannot concentrate (ask any teacher about windy days!), too much Fire and procrastination abounds. Projects are started, fire up and burn out just as quickly.
On a physical level, the Water Element governs our lymphatic system, blood and tears. There are a number of diseases associated with imbalance of the Water element, such as menstrual difficulties, prostate, pelvic & lower back problems, allergies and even feet problems.
There are several Polarity sequences to get back into balance as well as the Polarity Diet which is an excellent de-toxification program. A simple re-balancing technique if you are feeling stagnant is to massage your Ring fingers and fourth toes. When you are in balance, you are able to flow with ease and cleanse and renew.