Bypassing Ego

I was faced with a difficult decision recently and felt quite uncomfortable with the impending situation, so I decided to trust in the tools that I can now access.

The closer the event of the date loomed, there was more of a “gut reaction”. Undefined stomach aches, nausea, headache and a real sense of gloom. Unusual, because life in general was pretty good at this time.

The rational mind kicked in – “Procrastination”, it said. Other words came up like “avoidance”, “Egotistical” and the like.  No matter how much the mind went to and fro over the matter and presented logical (& illogical) arguments, the fact remained – an undefined sense of unease.

It is extraordinarily difficult to work on yourself and when studying Homeopathy, the lecturer quoted someone famous and said “The physician that treats himself has a fool for a patient”. Some truth in that, as I have on occasion, given myself a painful healing reaction from self administration of remedies! Getting closer to the event, I was now manifesting more physical symptoms, so I decided it was time to bypass the conscious mind and set the intent to go to the original cause of this feeling of unease.  I was also mindful that I needed to ask for help in solving this problem. Luckily, I have a circle of fellow therapists, one of whom assisted most ably.

Having written about Spiritual Hypnotherapy just recently, I decided that this would be the perfect tool to use to access the subconscious, bypass the ego and resolve the issue. With the aid of my fellow hypnotherapist – to guide me by asking appropriate questions and as we started,  I set the intent to get an answer and went into trance quite rapidly.

An interesting lifetime emerged and it related to the current issue. The life ended by hanging and the main characters were also central in this lifetime. 2 hours of vivid sights, sounds and smells – better than a movie at times – but a little scary to be physically experiencing the tightness around the throat and difficulty in breathing. The next step was to release and cut the ties both to this event and people, so that any residual emotions that I had been holding onto would dissapate.  I also released any vows that I may have made in regard to poverty and service. There was an amazing clarity and a profound sense of peace and relief on return to the room.

Returning home, the doubting Thomas within needed to validate the inner journey. And validation came. An email from a distant cousin which gave family details back to that time and beyond. Further research into the era experienced turned up the names of those involved (they remained the same & I discovered one was married to that distant ancestor)and recorded on the pages of the internet, a scenario almost as I described it in trance. I have no recall of having read that information before. The more I read, the calmer I became about the situation. Here was an explanation that transcended the conscious and effectively bypassed Ego.

That night I slept well and woke for the first time in weeks, refreshed. Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend the use of hypnotherapy as a tool to help the subconscious to resolve a difficult problem in whatever way appropriate.