Wibble, wobble, jelly on a plate….

…that’s what was going through my mind as Day 5 of the Energy year began and I stepped up the pace on the zen-chi machine. Observing how my body has been responding is interesting – the left side is becoming more flexible and still the right ankle remains stiff and sore. The increased speed also had an effect on my lower sacrum & I very carefully did some lower back exercises before getting up off the floor. I broke my coccyx around this time of year – about 5 years ago, mucking around in the pool and landing on the pool steps. Ouch!! Looking up Louise Hay’s explanation for lower back problems “fear of money. Lack of financial support” came up. Hmmm!! So my new thought pattern is to be “Trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe” as I let go of the constriction in the body and restrictions in the mind.
Amazing how events unfold. On the way into work & listening to a podcast from Manifesting Wellness all about Network Chiropractic, there was information about theenergy link between emotions, endocrine system & the spinal system. So much made sense – and to think that I see a naturopath in the same clinic as a network chiropractor …… as they say… when the student is ready……!! Something to explore