Working hard

Finished the Certificate IV in Workplace training and Assessment – which was a little disappointing as it was a little too disorganized for my liking. Allocated rooms were not available, most of the stuff was on line and difficult to access – but hey! a learning experience and shows what to do to keep clients happy.
I’ve now embarked on the Applied Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and loving it! My clients for the student logs are co-operative and I have had three clients for weight loss – I need to lose weight as well!
The PolarityPlus clinic is going well with greater public awareness and more bookings coming in.
The main focus is on helping people to learn and retain information better, using whatever suits the client best.
I am using the techniques learnt from the Certificate of Hypnotherapy to relax clients.
If you are stressed, then the frontal cortex is too preoccupied with the stress to allow learning to take place effectively – a bit like too many applications being open on the computer, which slows everything down!