December madness

A busy week again, and this end of the year tends to get really frantic.
The last few days have included a trip to Unity Church to hear a great singer and meet up with friends from the country and an invitation to go to Daylesford for an art exhibition.
I have been sorting out the semester’s work for the students to go into their portfolios and some have copious amounts for the six months. Others have not used their time so wisely……….
In between, there have been a couple of visits to the dentist, the optometrist in Queenscliffe, dinners, lunches and even time to go to the movies to see The Time Traveller’s Wife. I enjoyed the movie greatly and am sure the reviewer had a bad day.
The business website is starting to develop and I have moved on from the logo I found for my advertising at Curves and have developed my own. I have recorded one CD and had intentions to do another last week, but there was too much background noise to do it successfully.