On the eve of the January new moon and the solar eclipse… it seems like December was an aeon ago. Not being a Christmas person, I got through it OK – a bit grumpy at times. Enough said about it here.
New Year’s Eve in Melbourne was treated to a spectactular night show by nature. Wind, lightening and thunder – better and louder than the fireworks!

Above is the Japanese for Bright Light – it means bright and promising future – a good omen for my business I am sure.
The logo of the yinyang is also significant.

  • The Indigo colour to represent the Indigo children, who have a dark and light side
  • Yin yang is also associated with reincarnation. Interestingly, I wasn’t aware of this meaning when I did my past life regression training.
  • The main flower is a gardenia and the meaning is purity and joy – this represents purity of intention and joy in what I am doing. The flower came from my garden and smells exquisite.
  • The small daisy also represents purity, loyalty, patience, simplicity and beauty.
  • The reflection of the design draws attention to our shadow side and as the lower image fades into the greater space around, the image overall softens and yet retains a strong energy.

I applied for the school position and have had an automated email in reply, but no indication for an interview and no one at school to find out. The longer I am away from the school setting the less I feel like returning! As a consultant will be fine, but not the day to day stuff.
In the meantime, I have been busy writing course material, adding to my website and producing information packs for the workshops.
The new business cards have arrived and have already been sent out with some marketing material.
February sees the start of a Cert 4 in business – to take the Clinical Hypnotherapy and workshops to a new level.