The year is flying past and I have been busy organizing other social media for the business. I have created another blog space and am contemplating Facebook/myspace. I have created a ning forum for subscribers and will put that link up on the webpage soon. This will have articles of interest such as the Polarity diet and Reiki tips.
In the meantime, I have gone back to teaching at school, just 2 days a week and am teaching a mixture of Japanese and literacy. The units of work are MI/Inquiry based and for the Prep/One/Two’s will be Inquiry based units.
On Friday I start a Certificate IV in Business & Coaching, to help me organize the business side of things and from a practical point of view, learning about coaching, being coached and coming out with a qualification at the end.
This year I am going to add the photos that I took for my website but weren’t used. This flower is Love in the Mist or Nigella.