Anzac Day

Anzac Day weekend.
Probably not politically correct to mention that one of my grandfathers was in the area at the time, but as an officer with the British not the Australian army. Also not being a morning person, means that I am not a candidate for attending the Dawn Service.
My father, who is nearly 89 did go to a service earlier in the week althought he was also in the British Army during WW2.
Otherwise a quiet weekend, celebrating my father in law’s 79th birthday on Saturday afternoon and catching up with a friend who has just moved house on Sunday.

┬áNot knowing what to give as a housewarming gift, and seeing how exhausted she and her partner were, I gave them both the gift of a Polarity massage. Great that they didn’t have to drive anywhere afterwards by the looks on their faces!
┬áHad a couple of moments earlier in the day when I got caught up in reading stuff on Facebook about workplace bullying. Watched a couple of videos and realized that I still had some residual stuff happening from my experience. I did a self hypnosis session and reframed in a positive manner. Whilst driving over to my friend’s house listened to a couple of podcasts that continued the process – NLP works really well.
Looking forward to the next couple of weeks with a few new goals to achieve. I have already re-visited my website and edited the About page, adding values and beliefs.