At the crossroads

It’s the end of April already! Workwise, there have been a number of changes and everything is falling into place.
I have written the vision and values statement for BrightLight and word of mouth is starting to generate regular clients. I have read the E-myth and the process there has resonated and I have taken off the procrastination hat and begun work on an operations manual.
Surprisingly, I have had a number of massage clients this month, rather than Hypnotherapy or coaching and one has expressed an interest in me teaching her Polarity Therapy. I am seriously considering this as there are no other Polarity courses around at present.
The HypnoCoaching is proving successful and clients are able to remove longstanding blocks when in trance and the coaching model is moving them forward effectively. I am looking at different advertising mediums, as the current one I have been using is not cost effective as it is not delivering projected leads. I have been given a couple of suggestions by a colleague that are working for her, so will try them out.
Again, the question of where to practice from is under review. I love my home office & the dog, but he sometimes overenthusiastically welcomes people and not everyone loves dogs. His other, annoying habit of whining outside the door, invariably when the client is just about to enter a deeper state of relaxation, is frustrating to say the least. I remain for the time being, at the Osteopathic clinic one afternoon a week, but there are not the referrals that I had hoped for & the location is quite isolated later in the afternoon.
I feel sure that there is something more suitable on the horizon.