Four Aspects Of Polarity Therapy

There are four systems of treatment within Polarity Therapy.Wireless anatomy

  1. The manipulation of energy by putting the hands on the body. Polarity Therapy also includes the energy balancing of the Chakra system, which in turn allows energy to flow more freely to the Nervous system. When the Nervous system is functioning at its optimum, then the vital organs are nourished adequately.
  2. Another important aspect of the integrated therapy is the exercises. These combine stretching with breath work and are effective in releasing both physical and emotional blocks.
  3. Polarity Therapy also focuses on the relationship between diet and good health. The therapist helps the client become aware of the link between good food and good health, guiding them to dietary method that may cleanse or build better health.
  4. The fourth feature of Polarity Therapy is the changes in the emotional and mental energy of the client, as the energetic blocks are removed by either hands on treatments, diet or exercise as well as what Randolph Stone called his “Dutch uncle” talks, which by today’s standards would be classified as a form of counselling
All of the above require an active client/practitioner relationship
as the energy flows within the body return to balance.