Hansei 反省 – はんせいis a Japanese word meaning reflection, meditation, contemplation and introspection.
I am able to offer an easily learned, accessible guided visualisation or meditation technique that enables you to manage your life more effectively and with greater confidence and enjoyment.
Learn effective relaxation and stress busting techniques and how to implement them in the workplace environment.
Regular meditation has been shown to improve health and well-being, lowers blood pressure, enhances concentration and reduces activity in the nervous system. Studies document the many benefits of meditation and with ongoing practice, participants are able to self regulate their responses to anxiety and tension.
There are physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits to meditating.
Physiologically, meditation decreases the metabolic rate, reduces high blood pressure and lowers cortisol levels. Regular meditation changes the brain and enhances neural function.
The psychological benefits are improved memory and emotional stability while a decrease in anxiety, depression and moodiness can be measured. An increase in compassion, awareness and personal growth can be attributed to the spiritual benefits of meditation.
Hansei has been linked with the Japanese word Kaizen, made popular by Anthony Robbins and other business strategists.
So why talk about Hansei?
In another article about Hansei- Kaizen , Hansei is described as “relentless reflection” which leads to staff unhappiness and Kaizen as “continuous improvement”. In isolation both have some destructive aspects, but when combined create a state of enlightenment or wisdom that leads to abundance.
Hansei- Kaizen is a part of Japanese culture and while the concept may be difficult for ‘gaijin’ to grasp, this site describes it more detail. Another brief but eloquent description is at Gemba Tales.