How are you feeling?

how r you feeling Ever wondered why FaceBook is so popular?

It asks you each time you log in..

. “How’s it going?…..How are you feeling?

……I’m feeling fine, thanks!

But what if this was the only time you were asked?

What if …. your nearest and dearest didn’t ask similar questions?

…or stick around for a reply…..

Clever, almost subliminal questions that will get a lonely person disclosing more information than they probably should.

We all have a need to feel that we belong …. it’s part of our tribal archetype…..

hows it going

What are you doing – right now?

A slightly different level of questioning – assuming that you want to tell your friends and acquaintances that all is OK.


With this question, I reckon more BS or “smoke and mirrors” is generated.. ….

No-one wants to be thought of as a “non achiever”!

On the flip side, do you really want to be  reading all about the latest issues of your real friends. Stories abound  of people dumped and finding out via social media….

Facebook is one of the few places where everyone is a winner.. especially if all your “friends” are coaches…..!

Masters of spin,  mistresses of the re-frame……

Call me a cynic….

I do love the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes…… for those of you who are not familiar with it check it out……

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