Mapping your Journey

Regardless of whether you use a GPS or a paper map, it is always interesting to review past journeys and to peruse which route to take for future ones.

Looking at where you have been, are there any milestones or waypoints that stand out?

Did the trip go as planned or did you have to be flexible and overcome uncertainty to end up where you are now?

Yet, you may have felt a sense of excitement when you discovered a road that led you to some spectacular scenery or a chance meeting with someone. Many of us have discovered that the GPS is not infallible and it has resulted in some interesting dead ends. There is an element of risk when using the GPS in unfamiliar surroundings and having a paper map tucked away somewhere will help you navigate in the face of uncertainty if that is what you are seeking.

What would happen if you relied entirely on the GPS or map?

How would it be if you got back to your internal compass and found that this gave you increased choices?

I remember a quote in a training many years ago that resonated with me…. “ Don’t wish life was easier, wish it was better.”