Marketing myself

Made the new brochures yesterday and will drop them off at the gym.
Also been busy signing up to Twitter as you can see with the updates down the bottom right of the page as well as getting my Wiki up to date with the inclusion of a Hypnotherapy page.
I set this up to inform people about the different therapies and am not sure if I have put in too much information. Most of what is there, is from essays I did while I was doing the courses, which were just sitting in folders. Not even on the hard drive…..I had to re- type them all. At least my typing is getting faster and more accurate!
Part of the latest assignment for the Hypnotherapy Diploma was to work on ourselves using the Johari Window as a tool. Not an easy task. It’s usually done in groups and one needs to take care with what you disclose, but when you do it on your own, there is still stuff you don’t want to face up to!
I found (as part of my distraction and avoidance) some really interesting sites that explain how to work with this tool. And yes, I did eventually do the work and found out some interesting things about myself.