Polarity Therapy and the Number 3

The Polarity Triune is the Positive, Negative and Neutral flows of energy.

These energies can be seen in several ways.

Within the body there are three principles of energy:

  1. Fire energy – from the sun and found in all living things
  2. Air energy – the breath of life
  3. Water energy – the body fluids which contain the chemistry of life

Randolph Stone believed that all motion is triune and that nothing is an independent unit with everything relying on and interacting with other units.

The Polarity Triune can also be seen in the process of creation. Dr Stone gave as another example, The Garden of Paradise where there could be found:

  • A tree of life
  • A tree of Knowledge of good and evil
  • The snake as the tempter

The 3 energies…..

1. Positive energy moves away from the centre and is fiery, repelling and centrifugal, It starts in the umbilical area, spiralling outward in a clockwise direction. The right side of the body, superior areas and back are also imbued with positive energy.
Other qualities of this energy are male, yang, expansive, fire, outgoing and sympathetic. The Right hand is
positive , as is the top of the body and limbs.
Within the hands, the middle (fire) and little (earth) fingers have a
positive energy.


 2.    Neutral energy

This is found in the East West currents.
It flows from left to right at the front and right to left in the back.
The middle of limbs, the torso and head are neutral areas.
The thumbs on both hands have a neutral energy

3. Negative energy flows in the long currents of the body, called the North South Currents.
On the right side, the energy flows down the front and up the back, whilst on the left side it flows up the front and down the back.
This energy can flow out through the toes and fingers in a circular manner.
The negative energy is found on the left side of the body, front and inferior areas. It is essentially a female, yin energy, receptive and affects the parasympathetic nervous system, is in going and has a water element to it.
The left hand and the bottom of the torso, head and sections of limbs have a negative quality,
The left hand is negative and the index fingers (air) and the ring fingers (water) are also negatively charged.