5 keys to making your New Year’s Resolutions effective

It’s that time of year again tables laden with calorie rich food and drink are set all over Australia. The kilos start to creep on and with the New Year looming fast, you probably haven’t even started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, as you are enjoying yourself too much. The regret comes in the new year.  The most common resolutions made are: to lose weight; to stop smoking and to stop drinking. And the problem lies in making and keeping those resolutions strong.

Often the resolutions are a cliché, a rote response with little thought or meaningful reflection on the outcome.

Follow the 5 keys to making your resolutions effective and permanent.

1. Clarity – be 100% sure about your goal. This has to change this year. Be specific about the goal and the date you want to achieve it by. Take it seriously and take time to reflect on it. If you have chosen something you think you should do, or someone else has suggested that you do it, then there is no power behind it – it is a cliché, no more important that those rote replies when someone asks you how you are. Take the time to examine your goal mentally, spiritually, consciously and unconsciously.

2. Shift your perception –  How do you see what you are going to achieve? Make it fun and pleasurable for you and you are more likely to be successful. Be creative in the way you approach your goal and decide that this is now your new way of life. Revisit key number 1 and set your goals. If it is weight loss, then define how many kilos you are going to set aside and envisage a permanent lifestyle change. Make the decision to act with clarity for yourself.

3. What’s your belief system? – If you believe that you will achieve your goal – you will. Sometimes you may have a core desire to do something but you may not fully believe in your possibilities. If this is so, then what are your limiting beliefs? Be fully present and examine your beliefs about the outcome. If your beliefs are congruent to the resolution, then change will happen. If not, work on removing the belief system and replace it with small achievable goals. Remember that every journey starts with a single step.

4. Gratitude – enjoy your journey and show gratitude for  the small successes. Each mini goal will add to your eventual overall success. The journey may be slow and gradual but will lead to permanent lifestyle changes.

5. Connection – connection with your goals on a daily basis will help you to remain focused and clear about your outcome. Write your resolutions and goals down and put them so they are visible in a multitude of places. Post-it notes on the mirror in the bathroom, on the fridge, reminders on your calendars – electronic and paper reminders. Tick them off as you achieve them and congratulate yourself on your new way of life.