Release What Hasn’t Worked

IntentionBuilding on last week’s intention to focus on a healthier lifestyle, I have started to release what hasn’t worked for me in the past and the current energy of the February New Moon is an ideal time to do this. Building a healthier lifestyle is not only about food, it’s also about mental, emotional and spiritual health. Mentally – it’s checking in on what I’m focusing on. Am I thinking positively or have I got myself into a spiral of negative or unhelpful thoughts? Emotionally – it’s about checking in to make sure I am acting (or re-acting) in an emotionally intelligent manner. Spiritually – am I making time to nurture my soul?

Release what hasn't workedI love the message that this oracle card gives. When you release the negativity and the investment in an outcome, it may seem miraculous, but opportunities open up. You can choose to allow the universe to assist you on a spiritual level or use a coach or therapist to work to remove and release your subconscious beliefs.

A quick look through my vision book from several years ago, showed me that I have been setting goals that haven’t been reached – either because they were too unrealistic or didn’t align with my true purpose or I have unconsciously sabotaged myself in some way.

My intention for this week is to:  Release unhelpful habits and beliefs through coaching with a trusted colleague.