The morning started as any other. Just as I was heading out to go to the gym, an idea for graphics struck me.  A quick trip downstairs to rediscover the Scrabble set and I sat down for a play with the tiles and a camera. About 100 photos later and a flat camera battery, I realized the time and headed out to the clinic.  Some time playing in Photo shop during the lunch break and “presto!” –  a set of images that I can use for blogging, brochures and articles – all royalty free because I took them!

After lunch was a session on Akashic Records, facilitated by Gloria Grace, which was most illuminating. Just at the end of the session the mirror fell off the wall, narrowly missing her but not shattering. All the same, not an experience to repeat with other clients. 2 hooks on the wall tomorrow to support the weight of the mirror.

On the way out, one of the other tenants stopped to chat and booked in for a complementary preview session next week. Conversation turned to discussing the peak hour traffic, and it was surprisingly light for that time of day. I made it back in plenty of time to prepare for a long-standing client who comes to my home clinic.

Imagine my surprise, when clearing the letterbox, to find that the September issue of an accounting magazine has a cover using Scrabble tiles and holders! Lucky me! I have tapped into the collective unconscious and come up with an “original” idea for September!