Any time now…

How much time are you stealing from your dreams? If you log every activity you do for one week, you will be amazed at where your time is going. The number one consumer of your time is sleep, then for most people followed by TV and then for a few others, procrastination. This can look like busy-ness not business and consists of shuffling papers and doing “busy” stuff.
The next time thief is social media. For business, it has been suggested that social media is used to market yourself, but untold hours can be wasted in reading other people’s posts.

Time is our most valuable resource and once used, you cannot make more. Rather than spending hours learning to do something new, it may be more time effective and resourceful to actually to buy a system and get a return from it immediately.
How we spend our time and money is tied up to our values, so an important area for change is to look at where we consistently invest. In our exploration, we may discover that there are some values that we don’t like any more & it’s OK to make changes around these. We may also discover what is effortless for ourselves, like a health and vitality routine or what may be difficult, like setting up a new or more strenuous exercise routine. It takes courage to focus on our strengths and weaknesses to discover the patterns that sustain us. Once we understand our strengths and know that they are sustainable and allow us to live in congruence, then we can move more easily to our goals.