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Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Spiritual Hypnotherapy – an interesting term. Historically, most religions have used the trance state to reach enlightenment. Meditation and prayer can result in ecstasy states for some fortunate people.The Sufi have their Whirling Dervishes and the monks of old had their Gregorian Chants. Look into the religions and you will find many activities that lead to altered states.

Trance states abound in modern society. Television is our most common mesmerist. The subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) beat of music can lead to¬† an altered state of awareness as well.So if your teenager is listening to their “doof doof” music while doing their homework and they get that far-away look in their eyes, it could be a great time to offer some suggestions about cleaning up their room…….!

Many people will be familiar with Hypnotherapy used in a Clinical sense – most commonly for stopping smoking or other addictions. It is used effectively in the Medical and Dental settings for anaesthesia and allaying anxieties.

Some will have even experienced stage hypnosis and clucked like a chicken or forgotten names or numbers. But Hypnosis is not mind control – all Hypnosis is actually self Hypnosis. You will only go into trance if you want to.

How long can you stay in trance? For as long as you want to! In Spiritual Hypnotherapy you may have a Past Life Regression session lasting  2 or more hours. A Lives Between Lives session can go for 4 or more hours.

So why Spiritual Hypnotherapy? The mind/body connection is not fully understood and I must admit I was very sceptical about this area when I first came across it. I had a Past Life Regression out of curiosity. What came out of that gave me goosebumps – the session was recorded and I have gone back over it several times. I spoke in another language and the session was validated several weeks later when I met a person who “knew” me, but I had never met. When we discussed my session, she produced her autobiography (which I had never read) and details matched. I had thought the session was an interesting “story”, but now there was a twist!

When the opportunity to train as a Past Life Regression Therapist, I went along for the experience. Again a smidgen of scepticism. Each session is different and I do enjoy being there as the “tour guide” to the client’s experience. Some sessions seem more vivid and real than others. One client in particular stands out. For the purpose of this article, I shall call her Jenny.

Jenny presented for a Past Life Regression partly out of curiosity, partly because she had a niggling problem that seemed to have no medical reason. She is a Reiki Therapist and very aware of the various metaphysical connections with aches and pains and had explored the physical and the metaphysical in search of an answer. She was open to whatever would come up in her session. Jenny went into trance very easily, helped by her meditation and Reiki practice and slipped into her past life with no effort at all. She described a town in old rural Japan where she was an educated young woman. Jenny was caring for and teaching some children when the town was attacked and she was speared in the abdomen and died.

Some weeks later, she was working in her clinic and one of her clients slipped into trance during a Reiki treatment and described the town and Jenny’s death, thus validating her experience for her. She realized that she had no longer experienced abdominal pain since having the Past Life regression. Knowing how she had died in that life appeared to remove the need to continue experiencing the pain in this lifetime.