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Soul Based Hypnotherapy

Soul-based hypnotherapy is an approach to hypnotherapy that incorporates spiritual or metaphysical elements. It is based on the belief that the soul is the essence of an individual and is the seat of one’s deepest desires, motivations, and purpose.

AwarenessIn soul-based hypnotherapy, you are guided into a relaxed state of consciousness where you can access your deeper subconscious and connect with your soul. Through this connection, you can gain insight into your life’s purpose, understand your inner inspiration, and release any blockages or limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living your best life.

Soul-based hypnotherapy can be used to address a number of concerns, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and career matters. It can also be used for personal growth and spiritual development including exploring past lives.

Where is Spirit leading you?

You know you are on the right path, when you feel that tingle of anticipation. A combination of expectancy and apprehension….The path ahead may look a little less travelled and there is that brief moment of discomfort as you step out of the familiar (or same old, same old …… others may be blunter and call it a rut) and into the new and exciting future.

Imagine….. that this path leads you to discover some amazing insights and to connect with people just like you. Imagine… as you step into this energy that you know that Spirit has led you home.

Whatever stage you are on your journey, there are guides there supporting you. Some are visible, others may be glimpsed briefly and there may be some that have chosen not to reveal themselves to you at this stage. All you need to do is accept the signs and the help that is offered.

How I got to here

Leading up to the end of 2018 been quite a journey.  A conversation over New Year precipitated a look back and  it had me reflecting on life as it has happened to Meg. I hadn’t really contemplated that my life was so very different or adventurous or that I was particularly brave, but in comparison to someone who has lived an ordered and nurtured life – maybe so and maybe it is time to write down the experiences. Let’s start with how I got to here.

The last couple of years have been difficult health wise with several bouts of pneumonia and the resulting tiredness and the diagnosis of an immune condition has been challenging. November was filled with various appointments and I was heading off to the next one with a little spare time, so I decided to take a more scenic route. I got stuck in traffic and as serendipity would have it, right outside a Salt Room. I mentioned this to my acupuncturist and he suggested that it would be beneficial and in combination with long overdue pharmaceutical intervention,  there has been a noticeable improvement.

As part of my ongoing personal program to regain health, I have been using Hypnotherapy audios for improving my immunity and have already seen a change in some of my blood tests. Next week I embark upon a program delivered by another Hypnotherapist to reduce the weight that I have accumulated over these last couple of years.

I hope you will join me on my journey as I record my progress.


Imagine if there were no more diets to follow.

Imagine waking up each morning energized and not wasting another moment worrying or feeling guilty about what you ate or what exercise you didn’t do.

Imagine feeling strong, confident and loving the body you are in.

How would your life change if you knew how to improve your health and wellbeing by tapping into and trusting the inner wisdom of your own mind?

Did you know that your thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on your body?

How often have you heard of someone who is on a diet and goes to the gym daily, yet struggles to make the physical changes that they are seeking?

You can make the changes you need to easily and effortlessly with tailored weight reduction Hypnotherapy sessions and the best thing is, you will discover that by reaching out and discovering your subconscious or gut feelings that you are your own best friend and authority when it comes to what you do and eat.

Your mind and body have a unique connection and will collaborate to create a reality based on your thoughts. You can learn how to change those unhelpful thoughts and improve your health and wellbeing in just a few sessions so that your body and mind can co-create the results that you have already imagined.


Autumn Newsletter

Is Hypnotherapy or Meditation more effective for improving creativity?
A busy mind cannot learn well, so the ultimate aim is to relax the mind to allow creativity to blossom. Herbert Benson MD in his groundbreaking book The Relaxation Response studied the physiological effects of several types of meditation and was able to show that meditation lowered stress and anxiety levels for people that took up the practice. The downside being, that when they no longer meditated, the stress and anxiety returned. The studies were done in a scientific way and physiological symptoms were recorded over a period of time. Many of the people in the study found that their blood pressure was lowered; they had more clarity and became less negative in their mindset.(The Relaxation Response. Herbert Benson MD. William Morrow & Co New York 1975)
Hypnotherapy can also relax the mind, but we must take into account the differing depths of trance that you may go into. There are four measurable states

  • Light Trance – which most people can go into quite easily as it’s relaxation with a focused attention. Watching TV, reading a good book, even driving may be activities you do whilst in this state.
  • Apparent somnambulism – a deeper state where it looks as if you are deeply relaxed, but not deep enough for pain relief or anesthesia
  • True somnambulism  – in this state surgical or dental procedures can take place and the mind goes into a state of blank “nothingness”
  • The Esdaile State – not many people achieve this coma like state and it is said that in this state you can achieve total bliss.

In answer to the question, both can improve creativity, but as Meditation relies on regular practice, blocks may return. In the trance state, suggestions can be made that are accepted by the subconscious mind and only a few sessions may be needed. If the block is a result of stress from a traumatic event, then a therapeutic intervention can be done to clear that whilst in trance as well.

Another therapeutic application of Hypnotherapy is the Virtual Gastric Band program. Lately there has been a lot of publicity about the excellent results in reducing Diabetes Type 2 when a surgical Gastric Band has been fitted. The cost of this operation is now around $14,000 and, as with all surgery has some risks. The Virtual Gastric Band is just that…virtual… and has been used successfully around the world for some years….and with no side effects. I was trained to deliver this program 6 years ago and have seen great success with clients who commit to following the program. The brochure is available on this page….

Add yourself to the Reiki Register Here

What is the Reiki Register?
It is an opportunity for you to receive a full Reiki session at no cost to you during any 1:1 or small group training in exchange for honest and detailed feedback to the student.

How long does it take?
You will need to allow around 2 hours for a fully supervised session and feedback to the person giving the treatment. The session is “in person” for Level 1 trainings and remotely at a designated time for Level 2.

Do I need to be a Reiki Practitioner?
You don’t need to have done a Reiki course, but ideally you will have experienced at least one Reiki session, but this is not a pre-requisite.

What happens after I register? After your registration, you will receive an email detailing the date, time and location of the training.

How are sessions allocated?
Sessions are allocated on a first come, first served basis and you will be notified if you have the session or not. In other news, work continues at the retreat and you can follow the progress on my blog.

I have upgraded my EMF Balancing Techinique practitioner status – which I studied way back in 2000 – and for the Autumn season, (March, April & May) I  am offering Phases 1 to IV at just $90 a session or a package of all four phases at $320 – saving $40.

Unfortunately, due to exchange rates and changes at the Institute of Social + Emotional Intelligence the cost of SEI profiles have risen. Coaching packages are available at the current rate.

The Labyrinth of Life

Weaving the wisdom of the chakras with walking a 7 ring Cretan style labyrinth has been an interesting journey in itself.  Walking the labyrinth at the solstice gave me an insight as to how I might also utilize the different therapies that I have studied into one program.

Walking the labyrinth is a reflective process and what better place to start is by entering the labyrinthFirst circle 3rd Chakra and immediately finding ourselves within the circles…. not at the centre, but not yet having walked the outer rings.  This can be somewhat disconcerting as the mind then begins to wander and think about where the journey may go.

It’s about letting go and trusting in the journey, because there is no way to get lost within the labyrinth. Whatever emotions come up are those that we need to pay the most attention to.

So the journey begins…. discovering that this corresponds with Solar Plexus Chakra which is in the centre of the body like a radiant sun. This is the seat of our personal power…. the yellow colour is thought to strengthen the nervous and the immune systems.  It is closely linked to our emotional life, creativity and our self esteem. It’s  about courage and power and your ability to succeed in the wider world.

Are you holding onto any unconscious or unhelpful beliefs that are holding you back? If so, then Hypnotherapy will be of service to you!

The spiritual message of the colour yellow is to trust and be guided by your intuition. Because of it’s association with the sun, the element is fire and this may be exhibited with the emotion of anger or resentment.  The opposite of this is forgiveness and letting go making this an ideal place to begin…..

The Labyrinth of Life

Over the long weekend I stayed home alone and wandered along the Spiral Path. I was drawn to do this as it can be as private or public as I choose it to be. The course appealed to me as whilst I have  a couple of physical labyrinths to walk and some finger labyrinths to play with, there still seemed to be something missing. Some of the journalling prompts are challenging, but that’s the purpose. Continue reading The Labyrinth of Life

Learn from the Past

With the field I’m in, personal development is ongoing …. it’s not always about professional development…. something that I believe that some organizations lose track of. Even as a teacher, I believed it was necessary to explore new horizons… not necessarily education based.. in order to bring something holistic to our own sense of self.
Currently, I’m revisiting course notes from a few years back as the New Financial Year means making new business goals.  Part of this it to review where I have come from and build upon strengths and discover any areas that need work.
One of my challenges is that I have been susceptible to frequent colds …. self analysis came up with needing better winter protocols to avoid infection, which I duly wrote about in a newsletter. But of course, I missed the obvious…..stress reduces immunity and recently there has been a bit of stress in my life.
The last few days have been spent in using hypnotic methods to improve my immune system, regular HeartMath sessions, plenty of vitamins and a nice warm office.
Those of you that know me, know that I enjoy networking….. so when I encountered a new face in the tea room at the office complex where I work…. I got to chatting….. He told me that he used hypnosis/meditation for a style of martial art that he did……
Before I knew it, I discovered that he held in high esteem a man that I had previously worked with. My blood ran cold… my stomach flipped…. I thought I was going to be sick.
My experience with this same person was different… in that moment, I relived the pain, the angst, the sorrow, the anger….. this was the “why” I left teaching. Why I shredded almost a ream of abusive emails….Why I gave up……
I managed to get back to my room and smiled as I turned the page on the manual I was working through…
I chose to quit that job because I no longer wished to be treated like I was.
I chose to quit because I felt unsupported.
As a result of choosing to leave, I retrained as a Hypnotherapist and found another passion to pursue.
 I chose to be brave and start my own business.
I chose to forgo an easy salary for other benefits, like meeting some amazing people who choose to make changes in their lives!  
 I know that I was good at teaching. I know too that I am good at what I do today for my clients….
What a gift that moment in the tea- room was!
Two perceptions of one person – polar opposites!
The eddy of feelings changed in an instant….. why was I hanging on to that pain?
It was a choice … and I have now chosen to no longer need it…….I have survived a heart attack and subsequent surgery and can choose now to be empowered, to have a full life.
I choose to feel gratitude at being here …right now! 


TruthAs Tony Robbins put so succinctly in his book Awaken the Giant Within,

Values guide our every decision and, therefore, our destiny. Those who know their values and live by them become the leaders of our society.”

It is helpful to go over and review what our values are from time to time to see if we are heading in the right direction. Occasionally we can discover that we are in conflict with our values and then dig around a little to discover the emotions around the conflict.

One of my values is honesty. There have been times in my life where there has been conflict around this, particularly when I’m self sabotaging my success and I’m not overly proud of repeating the patterns.

Lately the values of honesty, trust and integrity have been coming up for me. Are they one and the same?

I’ll give you a couple of examples:

Firstly, I recently bought a floodlight for the shed up at the retreat. Not overly expensive but with a compact fluorescent globe in it to save on power.  I took it up to the retreat and discovered on opening the box that the globe had broken – there had been a small impact to the side of the box which caused the damage. The consensus amongst the gathered people was to take it back to the supplier on return to the city.

“No big deal “,you might say.

I didn’t sleep that night. I woke at one stage and realized that I had opened the box in the store and checked the globe against a shelf of other globes for size and pricing. The globe had been broken in transit…….I felt sick…..

When I mentioned this at breakfast, the group opinion was to take it back anyway and get a new one. Perhaps sensible as the cost of a new globe is more than the assembled floodlight.

I reflected on the night’s lack of sleep and what values and energy I intend to bring to the retreat and decided that I would buy a new globe regardless, and did so on my trip to the local hardware store later that day.

Secondly, a little while ago a woman called for an appointment.

I booked her in and when she arrived, she commented that it was a little further than she expected to drive. I asked her why and she said that when she looked at the website, the address was closer to home.

I had been working on a commission basis at a colleague’s practice and she had found me on that website, not my own. Oops!

I explained the difference and the session proceeded.

As she left she said, “Well you don’t have to tell xxxxx that I came here”…… But with my values, how could I not?  (& yes I did tell)


How do others perceive honesty?

Over the past few weeks I have observed that there are many shades of honesty and dishonesty. Layers of trust and distrust all wrapped up in the cloak of integrity…….

For example:

Is it dishonest to keep a $50 note found in a carpark?

How would you know the owner? I remember finding a note when I was a child and my mother taking me to tIntegrity 2he police station to hand it in. I returned months later and was given the note. Just last year I found a $50 note in a large, city carpark. Most of the other cars had departed and I pocketed the note, using it to pay the carparking and donated the balance to a good will tin at my local bakery.

What if the checkout person didn’t scan an item correctly so that it didn’t record?

Would you go back to pay for that item? Or think that the supermarket makes enough profit anyway or see it as a bonus for your loyalty in shopping there?

What if you went to a therapist and couldn’t use your credit card there? (maybe the internet was down or they didn’t have facilities for credit)

Would you try to pay as promptly as possible through a bank deposit or ignore the invoice? Perhaps you might make excuses that the therapy didn’t work. How would you know it hadn’t worked? Wouldn’t you still be paying for the time that person spent with you? Is the failure to pay, as much breaking the trust the therapist has in you as a lack of trust within yourself?

So does it boil down to honesty or is it integrity?

Susan M Heathfield says “Honesty and trust are central to integrity.”

I see it as a triangle – each side supporting the other and crucial to the strength within. When one is absent the structure no longer exists……




Time flies when you are having fun…

I thought it was just a few weeks since the last update and was surprised to find that it has been a couple of months….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere have been a number of projects on the go, the largest being the preparation of a country retreat.

It is being developed as an eco-friendly place and will be very much “back to basics” with an organic/permaculture overlay. With quite a lot of work to do, including fencing and weed removal, it is anticipated that it will take a little while longer before it is officially open to guests.

The scrub being cleared is highly flammable, so not a desirable feature and hopefully it will break down into good mulch.

A labyrinth is under construction in a previously cleared area and should be completed for day visitors to walk in time for the Winter Solstice.

Additional projects underway are:

  • some collaborations with other Hypnotherapists and we hope to see some exciting new therapy options to come out of these discussions
  • the revival of the Melbourne Chapter of IACT, (International Association of Counsellors and Therapists) with meetings scheduled to be held on the 2nd Monday of each month (unless there is a public holiday).