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Soul Based Hypnotherapy

Soul-based hypnotherapy is an approach to hypnotherapy that incorporates spiritual or metaphysical elements. It is based on the belief that the soul is the essence of an individual and is the seat of one’s deepest desires, motivations, and purpose.

AwarenessIn soul-based hypnotherapy, you are guided into a relaxed state of consciousness where you can access your deeper subconscious and connect with your soul. Through this connection, you can gain insight into your life’s purpose, understand your inner inspiration, and release any blockages or limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living your best life.

Soul-based hypnotherapy can be used to address a number of concerns, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and career matters. It can also be used for personal growth and spiritual development including exploring past lives.


Colour is important in art therapy as it allows the client to express emotions and feelings. The colours may be chosen consciously or unconsciously.

Each colour can convey specific feelings or meanings in the creation of an image. 

By also understanding that there is a positive and negative polarity for the qualities of each colour, it is possible to better interpret one’s emotional state. There may be an instinctual or unconscious response to the use of a particular colour. 

Colour can influence our emotions in a number of ways.

The warm colours (red, orange, yellow) often evoke strong emotions – both positive in energy and negative in that these colours can overwhelm a sensitive person.

Green, blue and purple are classed as cool colours and can evoke calmness although blue in particular, is often associated with sadness or depression. Reaction to a colour can be based on personal experiences with a subconscious association to an event (either happy or sad).

It is also important to take into account cultural and personal interpretations to each colour. 

Some colours have a deep cultural significance, such as the meanings attached to black and white. Black is used for mourning in European countries and white for mourning in some Asian countries


What exactly is intuition? A question I had to answer when doing my Art Therapy studies last year…. my answer was as follows….

intuitionBy paying attention to our intuition – or “gut feelings” we are able to bypass conscious thought or “rational thinking” and trust in the information that we receive.

It is said that intuition is the language of the spirit and when we listen carefully to it, it opens up our further spiritual development.

There was a moment when I didn’t pay attention to my intuition and deferred to the opinion of a respected professional. You may find a post about that some 8 or 9 years back. The result was that the Universe conspired to give me a lengthy period of “time out” where all  I was able to do was to sit and observe for a couple of months. This allowed me to open up to spiritual development as the most strenuous activity I could do was to read books and reflect. I can certainly recommend listening to your intuition first.


Art and Spirituality

There has been a long relationship between art and spirituality. Early civilizations used art to make sense of events around them. It was also a way to record the culture of the time. Over time, the various civilizations and their spiritual life evolved.  Art became the means of expressing  their spiritual, philosophical and cultural concepts.

A Balanced LifeThe action of creating the artwork was and still is a deeply rewarding endeavour. When an artist connects with their inner self they  are able to bring forward insights and themes in the images for others to appreciate and to reflect upon.

Furthermore, the action of creating the artwork is a meditative and often spiritual experience can lead to an inner understanding of self.


By using meditation as a precursor to an art therapy session, the conscious mind is stilled and in this stillness, there is the opportunity to access the subconscious mind with less resistance.

A short, relaxation meditation provides a safe and supported place for you to enter into a quiet space.  Whilst in this space, you can create or produce images that come from your subconscious mind. So too, the process can lead to creative problem solving.

A Blank Mandala to download and enjoy.