The Labyrinth of Life

Over the long weekend I stayed home alone and wandered along the Spiral Path. I was drawn to do this as it can be as private or public as I choose it to be. The course appealed to me as whilst I have  a couple of physical labyrinths to walk and some finger labyrinths to play with, there still seemed to be something missing. Some of the journalling prompts are challenging, but that’s the purpose. During the weekend, I was drawn back to re-read Health Building written by Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy.  For some time now I have been looking for a way to incorporate or distill the different therapies and interests that I have into one.  A passage caught my eye…

“The way out of this Labyrinth of Life is by going deeper within and becoming acquainted with life itself, its radiant glory, its energy rays and currents, and its ever-present helpfulness in need, if we seek it and depend on it. It is the Creator’s Hand that reaches down and lifts up the energy currents of our mind and feelings, through love and concentrated devotion at the core of life within our own sanctuary of being.

When Life and Love become out interest sublime,

We do not need a personal self to shine.

Life’s own radiance exceeds all when we truly forget self and its limitations and sufferings, by being lost in Love and Life as the One Jewel of Reality worth living for. “

Just as when we walk the labyrinth, the journey along the path cannot be fully anticipated. One moment we seem to be approaching the destination, the next moment the path takes us back to the outer and the journey is about trusting that the path will take us there. There are many forms the labyrinth walk can take…

For instance if walking a 7 ring Cretan style labyrinth the focus may be on the Chakra system and the planets associated with them. But it is also important to be cognizant with the mythology surrounding the labyrinth walk and be familiar with the associated metaphors.

Chakra LabyrinthWe move from Meditation to a Still Point as we reach the centre and if doing a Chakra walk, will start at the Solar Plexus or 3rd Chakra which relates to our unconscious beliefs and your ability to succeed in the world, making this an ideal space to experience some Hypnotherapy, finishing the walk after having used Polarity Therapy principles, Reiki and Coaching to come to the centre to reflect on the journey.